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Health Benefits of Pet

 In life there are many things that can help us in promoting our good health, among them the major share is of pets. Yes, it is significantly advantageous in developing a great immune system, and boost the moods of pet-owners. There have been many studies carried out concentrating on this particular aspect, and all the researches have been brought about by same positive results. There have been theories behind it, substantial being the mood boosting theory. There are validated proofs about how pets, specially dogs can be of your great service. These scientific evidences prove how they can help ... 

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Pet Eating Habits

 Pets love eating, but that’s not true every time. Dogs and Cats generally eat whenever you give them their diet; but the main motive behind keeping a proper routine for their diet is to stay aware of changes in their eating habits. If you make your dog habitual of eating at any random timing than probably you won’t be able to recognize the changes in eating habits at certain times. There are usually changes in the eating habits of a dog or cat when they are sick. They will eat far less than what they usually eat.
Dog’s family consists of bigger animals as well like Wolfs and Hyenas! The eati ... 

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Sensing Power of Dogs

 It is a proven fact that animals can sense that; whatever is going to happen. Among the animals dogs are considered to have even more power of sensing. Dogs can sense those things also that you can’t even imagine. It has been always a matter of curiosity about how a dog can sense these things which even humans can’t. They don’t understand the human language but they can easily understand and sense the human behavior. Here are some of the behaviors of humans that cannot be hidden from Dogs.
1)	They can sense when you are Sad: Yes, it is true. If you are sad then its no more easy to hide it fr ... 

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Vitamin B12 for the dogs

 Just like humans, even pets suffer from several diseases and weakness that can make them fragile and dull. Humans can express about what problems they are facing but these little pets like dogs cannot express the pain and problems that they go through. People who own the pets need to look into various factors that make them weak. According to the famous veterinarians there are initial signs in the pets that need to be identified and if done so it can help them to recover from any underlying deficiency. 
If your dog is facing any of the situations like dizziness, energy-loss, loss of appetite ... 

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Some Surprising Facts about Labradors

 Labradors are undoubtedly the most loved dogs all around the world, thus this makes them our topic for discussion! Labradors are known for their friendliness, love, and loyalty towards the owner. They are among some of the most sensitive dogs. So the basic fact is that the Labrador breed of dogs is the most adopted breed across the world. Here we will go through some facts about the Labradors that will surely blow your minds!
1)	Labradors are from Newfoundland: Yes, this is a fact! Unlike other dogs Labradors didn’t get their names from the place of their origin. Rather, they were named afte ... 

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Fish Aquarium Maintenance

 Fishes are one of the most colorful species and people love to keep the fish aquariums to maintain a very lively environment inside the house. But the main task comes when you need to clean the aquarium. It is crucial to keep the fish tank clean and maintain the right temperature of water so as to keep the fishes healthy. Generally people misunderstand the lifetime of fishes inside the aquariums as few months; but the fact is the actual lifetime of fishes inside the aquariums can be upto years. It's only about how properly you maintain the aquarium. Here we will discuss about how we can keep  ... 

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Understanding the Feline Language

 Humans are perfect in understanding the sign language or body language. Most of the times, actions reveal more than what words can describe.  Same thing goes for pets too, without speaking, they reveal everything that they want. Cats are the perfect example for this; they through their body language and vocals express most of the things that are otherwise not understandable. Here we will see some of the gestures of cats that have some underlying meaning.
1)	Vocal Signs: Cats are known for their different tone and strange sounds. Through this they want their owners, surroundings or kittens to ... 

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Toxic Dog Food Preservatives

 Everyone loves dogs and each and every pet-owner tries to give the top-class food product to their beloved furry friend. But most of the people would not have detailed apprehension about what is good for their pets and what is life threatening. Isn’t it bit confusing that in spite of us trying hard to get the best product for our dogs, we end up purchasing such toxic food items? Yes, definitely it is a matter to muse on. We ourselves are feeding our little pooches the toxins that can cause cancerous tumors in them! Preservatives that are added to the dog food actually are responsible for enha ... 

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Rules regarding the Balanced Dog Food

 Complete and Balanced Food, this is what we see on most of the dog food packaging.  But to what extent this statement justifies? This is the question that bothers the experts and just to get the perfect answer for this, AAFCO (Association of American Fed Control Officials) has designed a protocol called ‘Nutrition Adequacy Statement’. This is the basic line that every manufacturer needs to cross before marking their food as ‘complete and balanced food’. 
According to AAFCO the dog food packaging that claims to be balanced and full should cross the following 2 stages in order to be called so: ... 

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Dogs play the role of Best Friends in Human Cancer Therapy!

 It’s a well-known fact that dogs are considered humans' best friends, because of some obvious reasons. Well truly dogs are playing the role of man’s best friend in various ways and the most recent addition is Human Cancer Therapy. As quoted by scientists of the National Cancer Forum of Washington DC, the pet dogs who have any natural cancer tumors can be used to detect whether the drugs will work for humans of not. To our surprise this test is not possible in any other animals like rats and mice!
According to the scientists, there are millions of dogs out there who suffer from some or the ot ... 

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Breed Specific Dog Food

 This is an age old question and is query for several dog owners till now, whether the dog food should be breed specific or not! If we believe the researches conducted till now we will find that most of the scientists agree to the fact that dogs should not be fed randomly anything rather they should be given the food that is specifically made for their breed only. Each breed of dog has different reactions to the food that they eat. Every breed can’t be given the same food. If you do so then, attention pet- owners! Your dog is likely to react in negative way to that. 
There are certain foods t ... 

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Dogs can understand the Human Perspective and Emotions!!

 Yes, this is the truth! As per the recent studies, the dogs are likely to understand the human actions and emotions.  They tend to react according to the perspectives of their human friend. A recent research was conducted on different male and female dogs which revealed a very interesting fact about them.
In total 49 female and 49 male dogs were kept in with the researchers, and they were denied food in the day time. Understanding the human perspective they started stealing food in night! And when observed carefully it was revealed that to bluff the humans they will eat fast in dark. This cl ... 

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Overweight Dogs have Shorter Life Span

 From past few months researches have been going on  by Mars Petcare and Banfield Pet Hospital's Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, which shows that dogs that are overweight are likely to lead shorter life span as compared to those who have perfect weight.  The scientists at these institutes conducted researches on different breeds like Beagle, Labrador, Shih Tzu, Golden Retriever, etc. The results depicted that these dogs if, are over weighted then they tend to live less as compared to their counterparts. 
Research was basically carried out on the basis of the data that veterinarians provided ... 

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Few Interesting Facts about Your Dog!

 Everybody loves dogs! Whether they are street dogs or pet Dogs, they always try to protect their surrounding people with great degree of faithfulness.  They are the friends that will never betray you in need. You might have seen various movies and documentaries on how dogs play pivotal roles in human’s life. But you might not be aware of some of the hidden facts about your Dogs. There is a logic behind each and everything they do, and these facts can amaze you!
Here are some of the amazing unbelievable facts about your dog. Know your Dog more!
Reason behind Curling: Yes, there is a strong r ... 

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Which Dog Food Brand your Dog Dies for?

 Dogs love food, and that too if every time you give them their favourite meal they will adore you more. Being a pet owner I can understand that a happy dog will definitely make the owner happy! Dog’s love is what we all wish for; it can be like treasure to us. Nothing can be great than your dog loving you and trusting you for its every need. Dogs are very moody too, one day they may like something, the other day they will totally be different. There are number of brands in market that will tempt your dog, like Royal Canin Dog Food, Pedigree Dog Food, Drools Dog Food, etc. These are some of th ... 

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Dog Food: Figure out Good and Bad!

 You might sometimes give a part of your food to your dog. It’s good definitely, but to what extent?
OK, let me make myself clearer. Do you think that the food that you give to your dog from your part is even good for him? Well the answer is simple yet complicated, given the fact that it depends on the kind of food you are giving. It’s not that everything is harmful for it, but there are some options that are great even for your pet. 
Foods that are great for your dog!
There are some food products that humans love and these are surprisingly also good for your dog just like traditional dog f ... 

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Some Truths about Dog Food

 There are several theories related to Dog Food, that confuse people about what is good and what is bad for dogs. Dogs totally depend on their owners for their food and other necessities, so a pet owner should be very much careful about what he is giving to little pooch. There are certain assumptions about dog food, that are not accurate most of the times. Here are few of them.
1)	There are some food products that you can’t even imagine can harm your dog to great extent. Some foods that can lead to serious health problems like allergies, are wheat based products, corns, onions, chocolates, et ... 

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Taking care of Blind Dogs

 Dogs are not only like pet to use, rather they are like our best companions. Dogs are solely dependent on their owners for their Food, and everything else. But it can be tragic when you realize that they are losing their eyesight. But this is true, as the dog starts ageing problems like losing eyesight or going blind may occur to them. There are several things that you need to take care when your dog is losing its eyesight. 
1)	Train them to move accordingly: When you realize that your dog is losing its vision, then you must start training him according to your voice. Instead of giving him a ... 

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Dehydrated Dog Food: A better Choice

 There have been lots of speculations about what kind of food you should give to your pet dogs. Some people say that they give canned foods, whereas some say that they give raw diet to their dogs. Here the question arises that what kind of Dog Food is actually good? It basically depends on the taste and health of your dog. If you actually want to avail benefits of the food, then you must go for the dehydrated dog food. 
Dehydrated dog food is best for your dog because in this more number of nutrients is present that is very good for the health of dog. While in most of the canned foods or kibb ... 

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Questions that you need to ask to your Veterinarian

 If you have a pet, you have got a great responsibility. You need to look after it just like you would look after your kid, because these creatures depend totally on you for the food and other things. For that you need to give them proper pet food, grooming, proper medicines etc. You should also take them on the visit to veterinarians, to stay updated regarding the medical conditions. Here are some questions that you need to ask your veterinarians when you have a pet dog or cat.
1)	Weight of your pet: First question that you need to ask to your pet doctor is whether your pet has right weight  ... 

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Understand the needs of your pets

 Parenting a pet can be as great as parenting a kid, they are equally adorable and charming. They can be our playmates as well as friends in need, who will never let you down. For all the things that they do for us, they deserve a certain degree of care and pampering. They trust you more than anyone else in the world, so they are dependent on you for even small things. You can get them the best food and best accessories that make them trust you more. 
If you want to be more close to them give them the best pet food, pet accessories etc. You can Buy Online pet products so that you are availabl ... 

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Buy online pet products to explore varieties

 Present generation solely believe in buying everything online. This is mainly because of the comfort and the wide range of products that people get. No one can deny the advantages of purchasing online. It is also common for people buying the products for their pets. Yes, even the pets now days are so lucky that they get every brand of their choice, online at genuine rate. Now pets don’t need to compromise on their choices, Interesting! Whether you want to buy pet food or pet accessories, everything you can find at same place.
When you buy pet products online, you can be sure of getting the b ... 

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Which one to prefer: Dry Dog Food or Wet Food?

 There has been a lot of confusion over which kind of food to prefer for dogs, Dry Dog Food or Wet Dog Food? This is mostly a concern for those who are worried about the proper nutrition of their dogs. The basic thing that bothers is whether the food is giving some long term benefits or is preparing a way for possible side effects in future for them. Here we will look into some of the benefits and side effects of both the kinds of food.
Wet Dog Food:
Basically giving food to dogs is dependent on their age and their eating habits. If a dog is aged and is unable to eat the hard substances or t ... 

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Myths about Dog Food revealed

 Owing a dog means having a best friend, a loyal companion and a playmate. These four-legged furry creatures love us unconditionally, thus teach us about what selfless love is. In return we also try to give them everything; we try to fulfill their every need. They are very much dependent on humans for their food, and when you are parenting them they expect sufficient care from your side. Main thing that you can do for them is proffer them with the great nutritionally balanced diet, which fulfills all their requirements. Before you start feeding them with everything, you need to clear these myt ... 

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Food That Tempts Your Dog

 Dogs always love food that is healthy for them, Intelligent huh! Well  your dog needs proper dietry supplements that can help it in overall growth. If you are giving your dog the same food that you are having, then you are making a big mistake, because dogs have a different taste that needs to be understood. Consider it as your dog’s safety alert and have a look on these points which give you an idea about what your dog likes to have.
1)	Chicken: Trust me dogs love chcicken , yes they definitely do. You can add chicken to the regular diet of your dog, it will add some spice and extra protein ... 

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What your Pet needs while Travelling

 Are you planning to take your pet on a trip? Well, that is a splendid idea, only if you have all the things that your pet might need during the hurl. Just like us, our pets also need due preparations for the jaunt. No matter what you own, a cat or a dog, you must gear yourself up if you are planning a trip  with them. If you have a dog, make sure that you are taking all the dog accessories, including the dog shampoo, dog beds, dog clothes, etc. You must take along with you the ample amount of dog food, so that you have a stock for the whole journey. Same thing goes for cats too, they too requ ... 

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Buy Dog Food Online and save your pet

 Buy dog food online and save your pet:
Dogs are counted amongst the best friends of human beings, because of their loyalty and friendly nature. They are the creatures who love you more than you love yourself, and as you all know that is what we call as “selfless love”. Dogs are the epitome of Unconditional Love, Loyalty and friendship. Those who don’t have a dog, are missing a great part of life. So, have you ever realized that how much your dog is doing for you, and are you looking after him with that equal dedication? Looking after him does not only include giving food everyday, rather it  ... 

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Keep your dog Healthy and Happy

 It has been rightly said that “if there is a heaven then our dogs certainly need to be there”. It is because of the unconditional love and the loyalty that people over and over fall in love with these furry creatures. They give you so much selflessly, that even you are oblized to give them everything that they need. Here are few things like dog grooming, dog clothes, dog food, etc. about what you need to take care, if you want a happy and healthy dog. 
1)	Dog Grooming: If you love your dog by heart then you need to follow dog grooming routine so as to keep your dog healthy and hygienic. You  ... 

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Proper nutrition in Pet Food

 Having a pet is a great thing, but looking after that is not an easy thing to do. They are very tough to handle, especially when you want them to follow the routine that you made for them. Have you ever faced difficulties in handling your dog? Most of the answers would be Yes.  You need to cater to their every whim, if you want them to be happy. I know that’s a little bit tough, never mind its your best friend after all. The thing that you need to take care most is, whether your pet is getting proper diet or not!
Pet food should be such that it should meet all the nutritional requirements. B ... 

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Reasons to buy dog food online

 Everyone loves pets; they are the companions who are on your side every time you need them. Most of the people seem to love dogs more than any other pet because they play with you, they walk with you, and they do every such thing that can help you in rejuvenating your mind. They are actually proven to be better friends than human beings. So it becomes your moral duty to look after them properly, just like you do for your kids. Basically, it’s all about the kind of food you buy them, since they need proper nutrition. Now days, you don’t even have to move out of your house to do that, because e ... 

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Bathing a dog, made easy

 Have you ever envisioned your dog taking bath with full comfort and less resistance? Most of the answers would be clear No, and this is because your dog still doesn’t like the discomfort during bathing. It might set its face against the daily bathing routine, but there are certain strategies that if you use can make bathing a dog more fun.

Try to include these few tricks to get your dog into the bath-tub:

1.	Set the Fun environment inside the tub: Try to audit the things that your dog doesn’t like about getting into the water. Use some strategies, like keeping some toys for your dog, pa ... 

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Legal Law For Protecting pets from extreme weather conditions

   Pet owners think twice when you leave your cuddly pets outdoors on a snowy winter night because this may land you in a bigger legal trouble. Very true a Pittsburgh city council woman Darlene Harris has prepared to introduce a legislation that would penalize pet owners with a fine if their pets are left outdoors in the frigid cold or scorching heat.

This bill prohibits the city residents from leaving their pets tied outside for a duration longer than 30 minutes when the temperatures drop to lesser than 32 degrees or during the extreme climatic conditions when the temperature raise above 9 ... 

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Caring for pets on Diwali


Diwali is certainly one of the most widely and grandly celebrated festivals in India. It is a time to celebrate happiness and glory, but on the flip side, our four legged companions, experience a nightmare bearing with blaring noise coming from bursting crackers.

According to a survey, animal welfare associations and NGOs get maximum number of reports about injured and lost pets, wounded birds and stray dogs around Diwali and to add to all this, it is the only time when maximum number of suffering pets are taken to Vets for treatments who are sometimes deliberately killed with firework ... 

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Safe Cat Coalition celebrates two year anniversary

 West Columbia will be celebrating its first year as a successful “no kill” city, Safe Cats Coalition’s two-year anniversary and National Feral Cat Day from 5-7 p.m. Thursday at West Columbia Cit Hall in the New Brookland Room.

The public is invited to attend and learn about the Trap-Neuter-Return program as well as enjoy appetizers and door prizes.

To date, the Trap-Neuter-Return program has helped over 600 cats.

West Columbia is only the second city to be “no kill” in South Carolina.

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Mortal Enemies Yet Friends Forever

  The hate story of dogs and cats is the best known fact to all. The natural inherent behavior of the species leads to rows between the two. As the famous saying goes “Don't Fight like dogs and Cats” is the proof of enemity between the two species which has existed since the advent of the these two carnivores. The dog has an natural instinct of smelling things, but this nature is percepted by the cat as a sign of threat and trerror as a result of which the cat trys to run. The dog on the other hand thinks that the cat is inviting for a game play and hence the chase begins! 

   If exercised  ... 

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Stray Dogs Become Security Guards

  Good News, Stray Dogs in Delhi may soon find themselves attending Grooming schools. This is an ambitious initiative by the Delhi Municipal Council wherein it plans to adopt these stray dogs and train them as guard dogs. The municipal body will soon enlist the services of police dog trainers in an attempt to train these dogs and press them into service.
 This initiative will help tackling the dog menace and making the city safer for residents. There has been a steep rise in the dog bite cases with the complaints pouring in from Delhi residents. The civic body in the past has worked with A ... 

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The Spying Cat

  Are you in a process of making your feline a socio celebrity??? Are you enthusiastic and active on social sites to upload your feline pictures???? If the answer to the above questions is “yes” then hold on for a moment and give it a second thought!!!

  The vigilant world is ready to capture your cats' pictures for a new process of scrutiny.
Here comes a unique website that tracks your kitty's location with the aid of its pictures which in turn may map down to the location of the owner. 

  Mr. Owen Mundy, a professor at Florida State University has come up with a unique website which t ... 

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Doctor Dog

  Imagine how would it be if you were to consult a Dog doctor to get a health checkup done?Seems funny though but the fact is that your Pooch may have more in common with your family physician. Did you know that your dog's senses can actually save lives.  This may come as a surprise to you especially if you have a dog.  Dogs are regarded as man's best friend which has lived side by side, co-evolving with man for well over 100,000 years thus protecting him against impeding danger and guarding him. Scientists believe that probably it is this proximity that has resulted in your Pet understanding  ... 

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Everyone Deserves a Family- Adopt a Pet

 “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”.  Adopting a Dog is a wonderful thing. These adorable pets bring in so much merriment and joy that knows no bounds. Pet adoption is gaining momentum in India with many responsible pet lovers and organisations taking a leap in finding permanent homes with great adulation for the stray dogs and also creating awareness on the importance of nurturing them. 

   One such great move is taken by Animal Health Division of Himalaya Drug Company, through a digital campaign called “Build a Bond” that aims at sensitizing people towards adopti ... 

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The Unforgettable Legend: Rin Tin Tin

  Hollywood Cinema industry has produced such legendary actors. Here is a fascinating story about one of the celebrated heroes in the Hollywood film history Rin Tin Tin, the most beloved Hollywood stars of his age. This canine star is held for starring in 27 movies for Warner Brothers. With an earning of $6000 per week , he is regarded as the key players who brought back the Warner Brothers studio from bankruptcy.

    'Rinty' as lovingly called was rescued from World War I battlefield by an American Soldier Lee Duncan. He brought this German Shepherd back from France after the war, training ... 

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Passive smoking and pets

 Just as smoking is bad for humans it is bad for pets as well. Cats and dogs with smokers as owners are twice as susceptible to getting cancer than the once whose owners do not smoke.

Dogs are much more likely to suffer from nose and lung cancer who are exposed to tobacco smoke than the once who are not. Experts believe that dog breeds with long noses are at a greater risk of suffering from cancer because their larger nasal surface area can collect more deposits of cancer causing agents. The additional worry is that such dogs have more amount of cells in their nasal passage which invites gr ... 

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Training Your Dog

Having a Dog as one of the valued and trusted family members is obviously a conscious decision to make. As an ardent pet lover, training your Dog in a positive manner thus helping him socialize remains your core responsibility.  A big no to “Old School” dog training techniques that would be instrumental in breaking your dog's spirit  during the training process. In this article, we have tried to bring about the importance of training your pooch in a fun way that would also strengthen your bond with your Furry Friend. 

    Training process can be mutually beneficial to both you and your d ... 

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Dog & Hygiene

Having a Dog at home is a delightful experience. We often take good care of their food requirements but maintaining proper hygiene should be given equal importance too. Its not all that difficult as it seems. Taking good care of their hygiene from early stages of a dog's life can help prevent health problems later.

Canine Dental Hygiene

Pet parents should periodically check the condition of their dog's mouth. They should look for any lumps, ulcers, broken teeth or sore gums. Check the breath of your dog as bad breath is often a good indicator of poor dental health. Other signs of oral ... 

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Food variety for Dogs

 You love your pets and give them all the desired affection, but the most common confusion you might have had is what to feed your dogs?  Gone are the days when scraps of homemade food (left over of meals) were the only recourse for our loved dogs. Now so many options are available in commercial food segment where food has been designed keeping your pooch's requirements in mind.

Just like humans, Dogs' dietary routine should also have variety and undergo regular changes to meet all their nutritional requirements. Feeding them same kind of food on daily basis keeps them deprived of wholesome ... 

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